New fashion – domestic pigs

As it turned out, pigs can feel perfectly well indoors too, especially if they are of the size of a domestic animal, like to play with children, behave obediently and can be trained. Annerose Demski from Mecklenburg breeds such pigs. The woman is one of Europe’s few experts on these exotic animals. Samples are even sold to Italy and Russia. Mini-pigs are squeamish about meals: they need well-balanced vegetarian food with lots of fruits, vegetables and cereals. Such meals help them to be lively and extend their age up to 15 years. The ideal weight of such pigs is 8-10 kg – it is not more than a small terrier. Mini-pigs are said to be as cleanly as cats, really very clever, obedient and susceptible to smells. The main advantage of mini-pigs is that they do not shed hair and thus can live even with people suffering from allergy.

However, Annerose says, mini-pigs, even tamed ones, are not stay-at-home. They like to move a lot and spend much time outdoors. Special attention is to be paid to plays with mini-pigs and training, otherwise curious animals may poke in the wardrobes or break pots with plants.

As a result of long-term selection mini-pigs of different colours appeared: they may be white and black, silver and grey, apricot or brown; mini-pigs can be spotted or striped - any variants are possible.

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