Condoms grow on trees in Australia

Australian healthcare ministry is very concerned about the growth of sexually transmitted diseases among the native population of the country. The ministry decided to hang condoms on trees in the areas, where the Australian aborigines live.

The native population of Australia live in traditional communities, so the percentage of sexually transmitted diseases is very high there, since the notion of safe sex is rather weird for them.

The latest initiative of the Australian healthcare ministry helped to reduce the number of those, who were sick with venereal diseases. The experiment was carried out in Fitzroy Crossing, where there were about 3500 aborigines.

Patrick Davis from the cultural healthcare center said that there was the largest number of aborigines in that area of Western Australia, who had venereal diseases, but for the time being the figure reduced considerably. The aborigines can not get alcohol drinks in the area of their living, so they go to the neighboring towns to buy them. On their way home they like to have a picnic on the edge of a forest. This was the place that had been chosen for the wonder trees. There were plastic boxes hung on the branches of the trees, and one could reach out and take as much condoms as needed, totally free of charge.

The program of introduction of the idea of safe sex in the aborigine’s areas started three years ago actually. But at that time the condoms were given away free in two places only: in the city supermarket and in the local hospital, but the natives did not feel like going that far for getting protection from a very weird, as they think, opportunity to catch a venereal disease. The sickness rate was growing on and on, until the government of the country made an extravagant decision – to hang condoms on the trees. For the time being, the aborigines use some 3000 condoms a month.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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