Human being infected with AIDS from fly

German scientists have concluded that human being became infected with AIDS from an African fly. They suppose that Stomoxys calcitrans, sucking blood of mammals, brought the virus from monkey to human being. According to Spiegel, a group of scientists from Max Plank Gettingen Biochemistry Institute, leaded by Gerhard Brander, has been occupying itself with this theory already for 10 years. In 1992, they found the virus in organism of several Stomoxys calcitrans and carefully studied the insect. According to Brander, Stomoxys calcitrans, in contrast to other suctorial insects, never fully overdoes the blood of its victims, so blood elements of mammals often remain in its bowels. Moreover, while stinging, the insect scratches a small wound on the animal’s body, so blood can afterwards remain on the insect’s legs. In this way, the scientist supposes, Stomoxys calcitrans is a perfect carrier of infection, so it could carry AIDS from a monkey to a human being. Some European professors criticized the theory. For example, doctor David Mabi from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said to journalists that Stomoxys calcitrans conception is “only an interesting thesis.” According to the doctor, the hypothesis’ authors forget that in 90 percent of cases, HIV is communicated through sexual intercourse or handed down, while communication of HIF through blood is less possible.

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