Moldavian businessman saw his own gravestone

Being on a business trip to Ukrainian city of Lvov, a Moldavian businessman came across his own picture on a gravestone exhibited as a sample at one of the funeral bureaus. The man was extremely surprised, as the birth date engraved on the gravestone coincided with his own birth date. The man got more astonished when he saw the death date, March 5, 1989, as it had been engraved on the stone. And this is at the time when the man was still alive! The owner of the bureau could not explain the situation, as he had taken the business over just several months ago and knew nothing of the gravestone’s origin.

When the businessman got back home, he suddenly understood how his picture had appeared on the gravestone. Twelve or thirteen years ago he got acquainted with a woman from Ukraine through a newspaper. He event sent a picture to her. No relationship started then, but the man did not receive the picture back. The birth date and other personal information was written on the back.


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