Homeless man stole from zoo a unique Japanese crane and ate it

A unique Japanese crane disappeared from open-air cage of Novosibirsk zoo. According to RIA ‘Novosti’, law-enforcers of the city of Novosibirsk, while investigating the case, detained a homeless man who confessed in stealing the bird. Moreover, at the interrogation the homeless man said he had eaten the crane. The couple of cranes, which had been living in the zoo for ten years, was let out to open-air cage on March 11, while already on March 14 it turned out that the cage had been broken open and the crane male had disappeared. Japanese crane is rather a rare kind of crane. This white bird with a red cap is on the verge of annihilation and has been included in The Red Book. In the world market, every Japanese crane costs $ 7,000. Though, workers of the zoo are really concerned with the crane female which has been left without a male. The question is that cranes chose a life’s companion once in their life and usually die, while loosing it. It should be added that it was not the first stealing in Novosibirsk zoo. For example, several years ago, a lemur and a monkey were stolen. Though, at that time the animals were found and returned to the zoo.

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