A drug addict guy fooled the believers in Italy

Thousands of Italian believers went on a pilgrimage last week to the statue of a well-known Catholic saint padre Pio, which is in the town of Messina. One of the monks found some red liquid substance on the face of the statue, the liquid looked like blood. A lot of people saw the “bloody tears” of the statue too, they started crying and praying in the religious ecstasy.

Something like that happened with another statue of the saint padre: a mysterious white pellicle was discovered on it, and Messina’s archbishop asked the police to analyze both of the substances, which had been found on the faces of the statues.

The red liquid, which was allegedly coming out of the statue’s eyes, turned out to be human blood with a little bit of narcotic substances in it. The while pellicle was an insect’s secretion, possibly a spider’s.

Right around the time, when the police exposed the results of their research, a woman appeared on local television and claimed that the blood on the statue’s eyes belonged to her drug addict son. The guy decided to joke and used his injector for that.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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