Senior lecturer ate up a bribe

Young lecturer from the Ulyanovsk polytechnic institute Roman Bogomolov is well-known among the students for his great love for money. The passion has become stronger on the eve of the last winter term: the lecturer would not give positive marks for the exams. Only ten students managed to pass the examination at once. The lecturer was rather frank with the students. He announced the cost of their marks: $100 for “satisfactory” and $150 – for “good”. Mr.Bogomolov said he was ready to get the money in rubles. In a word, the students had no chance of passing the exam without paying money.

Next day one of the students appealed to the police department for economic crimes and related the situation. Marked notes were given to the girl for further handing to the lecturer. Police officers in plain clothes entered the lecture room right at the moment when the money was being given to Mr.Bogomolov.

The lecturer was said he was suspected of bribe-taking. Without batting an eyelid, Roman Bogomolov started chewing the notes to destroy the evidence. The police officer threatened the lecturer with an irrigation. Then the lecturer took an exercise book from the desk and started chewing the paper to make any analysis of his stomach’s contents more complicated. Witnesses and students enjoyed the show: indeed, you do not see scientists chewing exercise books every day. However, the extreme action did not help. Although the evidence was eaten up, the lecturer did not avoid criminal responsibility. The matter is, the whole scene, a so-called show, was video-taped. The lecturer may spend up to 5 years in jail for bribe-taking.

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