Geneticists modified tobacco

Already now, Americans consume many transgen products. Soon, cigarettes will appear produced of modified tobacco: it contains much less nicotine than usual sorts of tobacco. A research carried out by US Department of Agriculture, confirmed low content of nicotine in the transgen tobacco and showed that the new crop does not seriously injure environment. Cigarettes of the new sort of tobacco will be produced of Vector Group company. Tobacco was genetically modified in such way that output of nicotine in the plant’s roots was blockaded. New generation cigarettes are expected to appear in the market this spring, though the company’s officials did not declare yet where they would be sold. Though they are sure that the new product will have the same taste and smoke. However, tests carried out by experts of the Department of Agriculture showed that content of nicotine in the new sort does not exceed 400-1000 parts on one million, while normally tobacco contents 20-30 thousand parts on one million. Opponents of the new tobacco’s sort are afraid that cigarettes with low content of nicotine could cause spread of smoking, spite that other harmful substances’ content is the same. During the tests, fields with modified tobacco were isolated from usual tobacco, wile flowers were removed to avoid cross-pollination. The Department of Agriculture’s officials state that there is almost no possibility that the new yielder will turn into weed or cause some other injure to agriculture, while vermin is really dangerous for the new sort, because of lack of nicotine, which usually scares away pests. Now, US geneticists should probably think about creation of sugar-breed with low content of sugar and sunflower with low content of sunflower-seed oil.

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