A brothel is a problem for the 2004 Olympics

It is very hard for Athens to get ready for the Olympic Games of 2004. The organizers have been haunted with the financial problems, political scandals, difficulties with building the stadiums and so on. Now there is another problem for them.

As it turned out, the sports object, which was meant for equestrian sports, had been built on the site of Aphrodite’s ancient temple, which also performed a function of a brothel. The Greeks apparently had love and love to gods in one and the same category.

The archeologists have already started digging. The designers of the equestrian arena will have to change the architecture of the object, in order not to bother the archeologists. This arena has been being built since January, and it will be extremely hard for Greece to commence the new construction. Of course, they can proclaim a motto: “Love and sport come together!” and continue with their construction. But the archeologists have already announced that the ancient brothel was of incredible historical value, so they were not going to give it up. It seems that they really want to know, how the ancient Greek brothels were organized.

The International Olympic Committee has already warned Athens, that any detention of the construction of the Olympic objects would defeat the Olympic plans, but the Greek archeologists did not really care.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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