Chewing gums make people cleverer

Researches of British scientists reveal, people may get cleverer because of chewing gums.

Experts from the University of Northumbria and the Association for cognitive research have discovered positive effect of chewing gum on thinking and memory. Andrew Sholy from the Association for cognitive research says: “We have discovered that when you chew a gum, it produces a positive effect on the memory. You recollect more words at that and perform much better at memory volume tests.”

In Sholy’s words, the success of the memory tests is explained with more frequent heart contraction and insulin ejection to the brain. When heart contraction gets a bit more frequent, the brain gets more oxygen and glucose; their amount makes for improvement of cognitive processes.

The scientist also supposes, the insulin ejection is caused with salivation increase. Sholy says: “The brain sections in charge of training and memory also consist of insulin receptors.”


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