The Comet Ikeya-Zhang could be observed in March-April

Astronomers found the comet not far from the Earth. It is so bright that in March-April it could be observed even without any devices. The Comet Ikeya-Zhang, called in honour of two astronomers – the Japanese and the Chinese – who discovered it, is the brightest after the Comet Hail-Bopp which approached to the Earth in 1997. Ikeya-Zhang is a periodic comet, which regularly returns to Solar System. Last time it was observed in 1973, and earlier – even in 1273 and in 877. In good weather, the celestial body could be seen even through usual binoculars. The observers could see two tails of the comet – one of cosmic dust and another, more dime of gas. Astronomers assure that the comet is not dangerous for the Earth: 37 million miles will separate the Earth from the comet.

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