Homeless man in Novosibirsk region eats an armchair

Two homeless men fought for an empty beer bottle on the railway station of Novosibirsk. Forty-five-year-old Mikhail Galbur drank the beer and did not give the empty bottle away to his 26-year-old namesake, as he demanded it, but put it in the bag. The young man was furious, he swore at his “pal,” and then thought that he should be punished, so he stabbed him in the back. The wound was not serious, but homeless Mikhail had to go to the hospital anyway. The “hero” of the incident was sent for the psychological tests. However, it seems that Mikhail Galbur will have to undergo the same procedure soon. After he left the hospital, he went to the railway station in Barnaul, where the local policemen detained him for tearing the upholstery of an armchair with his teeth. The man said that he had got really drunk and then decided to have a bite of the leather upholstery.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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