To Russian women from grateful men

The only monument in Russia devoted to women has been erected not far from the town Balakhna. The creator of the idea is journalist Vladimir Zhiltsov, from the city of Nizhny Novgorod. He decided to erect the monument after serious thinking. “Poor women! They have suffered so much because of us. While namely on them the whole of life is based,” he said.

Men from Balakhna supported the idea. They created an initiative group and wrote the words that should be inscribed on the monument. The embodiment of men’s repentance is a great granite lump with an inscription, which, in English, would read: “God grant health to our women, for they do not allow to our men to become lost in this life like in a forest and they are always ready to understand us and to receive us at home. Men”.

The monument is mounted near to Lukino settlement, two steps from the highway, just on the crossroads men’s temptations: here, there are tire recapping, a shashlik house, and a cafe with the symbolic name “Eternal Call” (where men have celebrated the monument’s unveiling).

Now, drivers passing by curiously view the lump. Some of them smile, and some think the monument’s author must be mad, though everybody remembers his loved one.

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