American lifestyle will make you fat. Beware!

There is an opinion that the citizens of the highly-developed countries have more of the corpulence tendency in comparison with other countries. This is presumably explained with poor diet and the sedentary life, or sometimes with the genetic predisposition.

However, the distribution of the so-called American lifestyle can lead to the global adiposity of the people. As scientists said, the people were getting fat not only in the civilized, but also in the developing countries. For example, the number of the fat people in the city of Rarotonga (the capital of the island of Cook) increased from 14% to 52% during the period 1966-1996.

Furthermore, the Australians are putting on weight as well. Such a tendency is likely to worsen the health of the people all over the world. The corpulence assists in the progression of the cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even some types of cancer.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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