Russians established record in kissing

On Saturday, on the Kiev Bridge in Moscow, a rule was introduced: if a pedestrian has a yellow balloon, he should have a kiss, if a red one, he could go without kisses. In the 2002 kisses action, yellow balloons were received mostly by men about 30, or after 30, or about 40, and older. And the men obtained what they wanted.

Only the optimistic leader of LDPR youth organization was not kissed. Even the yellow balloon and yellow cravat did not help the youth leader to “kiss a miss.” He was even calling schoolgirls and men over 30 to polygamy, though nobody reacted to it, and he had nothing better to do than to kiss his yellow balloon.

However, the rest of the more than two thousand Moscowites had a more pleasant experience. At 16.10 (Moscow time), they heard the appeal to “join in ecstasy” and started to fulfill it. There were badly shaved men with a sticker on their foreheads reading “Choose me!”, who to the girls with shaky step moved. Though, some of them got to arms of Angry Hare, Black Kangaroo and Tailed Dog: inside these uniforms there were security workers who had to defend girls from asocial elements’ attacks.

According to one girl who participated in the action, there were no real specialists in kissing: most of the participants kissed without passion, too listlessly. However, there were even special written rules instructing how to kiss “correctly” for people who had forgotten how it should be done: “Set the girl on a flat, horizontal surface and count out the sixth vertebra from bottom. Put the arm round the partner’s waist. While pressing upon the mentioned-above vertebra, bring the partner’s back to a suitable position. Kisses must be delivered fluently, without jerks.”

One of the oldest participants of the action, who is 42, said he could not find the sixth vertebra on his partner’s back (he came together with his wife). However, is it so important whether there is a sixth vertebra or not? The 2226 people who kissed last Saturday on Kiev Bridge set a record: Russians excelled Americans with their 1400 kisses.

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