Mentally unbalanced man imagines himself Russia's President

A man who named himself President of Russia and arrived to the Kremlin in Zhiguli car comes from the settlement of Pogost, in the Vladimir region, Russia. Ivan Zaitsev has been “working” on his attempt to see Vladimir Putin for the last six months.

The incident occurred on February 6: Zitsev’s car drove onto the Kremlin’s territory and stopped. The driver got out the car and told the guards: “I am President of Russia Ivan Zaitsev. Bring me to President Putin.” The man was detained at once and taken to the police department. Later, his mental health was examined.

As it turned out, this was Zaitsev’s second attempt to get into the Kremlin. The first one took place on March 28, 2001, when Ivan Zaitsev drove to the Kremlin gates and said he wanted to talk to Vladimir Putin as “the president” with “the president”. The man was taken to the clinic then, but he would not give up the idea of getting to the Kremlin.

Doctors say that a mental disorder was first observed in Ivan Zaitsev two years ago. The man told the doctor that “in January’2000 he had met with clone people who elected him president.” He also says that he twice met with “President Putin and discussed national security with him.”

Ivan Zaitsev does not conceal the goal of this visit to the Kremlin: he wanted to murder President Putin. Doctors say that Zaitsev’s personal tragedy made him commit such an action. The matter is that his brother was murdered half a year ago. His head was cut off with extreme cruelty. This was the way he also wanted to murder President Putin. The man considers President Putin to be a German spy who wants to introduce Nazism to Russia. The doctors are convinced that Ivan Zaitsev is a threat to President Putin.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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