Russia Cuts Commercials Time In Tv Programs And Films

Deputies of the State Duma - Lower House of the Russian Parliament - has adopted amendments to the Law on Advertising. Major changes will be introduced to the commercials time during TV programs and feature films. The legislation states that "commercials in the form of superimposition, including the "running line," are not allowed to be transmitted during radio and television broadcasts." Commercials are banned from children's, educational, and religious programs, as well as in radio plays and feature films. Duma deputies also agreed that in these types of broadcasting, ads are to appear only with consent from those holding their copyright. Ads are prohibited in programs with the total length of 15 minutes or less. Broadcasts longer than 15 minutes, radio plays, and features, can be interrupted by ads as many times as there are 15-minute periods in them, i.e. a one-hour-long program should not have more than 4 advertisement breaks. The legislation also regulates the volume of transmissions. According to it, the volume during commercials is not to be higher than that of the program, within which it is being shown. The draft law states that the same commercial should not appear more than twice for no more than 2 minutes in one hour of air time at radio or TV. It also says that in radio and television broadcasts which are not registered as specializing in providing information and materials of the commercial nature, commercials time should not exceed 20 percent of total air time a day. The draft law has been submitted for expert evaluation.

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