Slobodan Milosevic Asks Judges Not To Delay Trial But Pass Sentence At Once

On Tuesday former president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic invited judges of the International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia not to launch a trial which may run into as much as three years but pass a sentence at once. Milosevic said this on Tuesday at a status conference on his case. He also accused the tribunal of encouraging terrorism, which he, as he said, fought against in Kosovo. The ex-Yugoslav president said that in Kosovo operates what is called the Albanian liberation army and the trial against him encourages reinvigoration of Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and southern Serbia. Milosevic once again censored NATO's bombardments of Yugoslavia in 1999. To him, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation uses the international tribunal "against people who fight for freedom in this world". Milosevic also made a displeasing utterance regarding Prosecutor General Carla del Ponte. Her "intelligence quotient is like that of a seven-year-old retarded child" and the judges have to remove her from the case. The former Yugoslav leader asked the judges to end round-the-clock video observance of him. He assured them that he is not going to commit suicide because he "must fight on and overthrow the tribunal".

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