Sex and gun incompatible

A sex session, using a gun, ended in a tragedy for Finnish lovers. A young man was sent to prison to serve a long term for shooting his partner’s head. Finland’s chief procurator has told Reuters that an unpremeditated murder took place in a house shared by 2 young families. They were running a joint business and had long been living side by side. Their relationships could have been called “ideal,” if it were not for an adultery which happened one day. According to investigators, the adultery was provoked by a woman. When his husband was on a business trip, she put to bed his little son and headed for her neighbour’s room allegedly to have a drink with him before going to bed. But the woman’s true intentions were clear – her body was only covered by a transparent night-gown. The neighbours started to play stormy love games, in which a pistol was used. The pistol shot the moment when its barrel was in the woman’s mouth. forensic experts say. A bullet pierced the woman’s head and got stuck in her partner’s thigh. The jury found the man guilty of a unpremeditated murder. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Besides, he will have to pay damage to his dead partner’s family.

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