Schoolboy appears at masquerade wearing… female genitals

The winner of a fancy-dress ball at one of the school in Michigan has been suspended from attending classes by the school administration for wearing, in their view, too “revealing” a costume. The 17-old youngster appeared at Halloween festivities dressed as a vagina. According to the Michigan Live News agency, the provocative costume had been tailored by the youngsters’ mother – she works as an obstetrician and bears the romantic name of Rosalyn Tulip. The cloak with a hood, exacting imitating the form of female genitals, was sewed by her of and rose atlas and the laces. The attire was crowned by a tousled wig. As one of the youngster’s classmates testifies, the resemblance to the real vagina was “absolutely fantastic.” The maker of the masquerade masterpiece told reporters that she, in principle, opposed her son’s appearing at the masquerade wearing such a costume, but he allegedly talked her into. Senior pupils appraised the costume highly and conferred a grand prix on it. But the school administration was no so enthusiastic and resorted to repressive measures, having suspended the winner from attending classes for several days. Afterwards, the lad complained to journalists, asserting he was punished unfairly. “The teachers say genitals are part of the human body, just like others. What’s wrong then? Would I have been punished, if I had appeared there dressed as, say, an elbow?” Ms. Rosalyn Tulip seems to agree with his son. But she will not contend the school administrations’ decision.

Vasili Sergeyev

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