The CIA’s Kitty Cat spies

The Times newspaper reports that the CIA were training cats to be spies in the 1960s to use against the Soviet Union.

The project reads like a horror story in terms of sheer cruelty to animals and will provide a wealth of information for animal welfare groups. The project was named Acoustic Kitty (cat), in which a cat was fixed with eavesdropping devices in a series of operations.

The cat’s operating procedure was simple: it was supposed to sit near the target so that conversations could be picked up and transmitted by the cat’s internal electronic devices. After five years of planning and preparations, the cat was fitted with the equipment and sent out on its first mission, its tail having been transformed into an aerial. D-Day spelt disaster, however, as the poor animal was killed by a passing taxi as it crept towards its first contact.

The source of this information is the CIA’s disclosed hitherto-secret files from the Science and Technology Directorate regarding US undercover operations during the Cold War.

The mission was thereafter classified as “not practical”.

Certainly Osama Bin Laden will quake in terror if from the depths of his cave in Kandahar he hears a mournful MIAUW. It could be a CIA agent disguised as a cat, or vice-versa.


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