Singapore: toilets, not terrorism

The Singapore government, traditionally obsessed with cleanliness, is offering financial incentives to the owners of bars and restaurants to keep their toilets clean. This comes at the same time as a World Toilet Meeting takes place in the city.

15 countries took part in this meeting, at which the latest intelligent bathrooms were presented. Singapore is traditionally preoccupied with hygiene. Those who throw a piece of paper or a cigarette end on the street, are punished with a heavy fine.

The Singapore government has been investigating toilet behaviour since 1996. Users who do not pull the flush properly are also fined. Toilet watchers scold those who do not wash their hands after going to the toilet or those who rinse their hands and splash drops of water on the toilet floor, instead of using the towel.

The city’s cleanest toilets are praised in public and instantaneous inspections are carried out on company installations. The Singapore authorities consider that a clean toilet is a sign of politeness.

To note, one of the delegates at this World Toilet Meeting, called “Our toilet: the past, present and future” has the name…Justin Thyme.


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