Making a snowman has sexual hidden motive

Izvestia reports, Englishwoman Trisha Kyusak published a book titled “Snowman-sexist”. She tells about her five-year investigation of a snow sculpture. The author thinks, a snowman is an archaic symbol of sexual discrimination. She noticed the oppressive nature of a snowman for the first time in 1995, when she saw that greeting cards and wrapping paper are dotted with snowmen.

The tradition of making a snowman roots from the 19th century, when men spent most part of the time outdoors and women, on the contrary, did things about the house, writes the author. Trisha Kyusak thinks that Christmas brings us back to the old way of life: most men are outdoors and women – do things about the house.

The author wonders, why not be rather inventive and create a lady for a snowman. But Russian designers say that such a pair for a snowman has been created long ago, moreover, it is extremely popular among the people. They name it an erotic snowman.

Sculptor Rustam Kerimov says, there are three basic kinds of snow sculptures: classical, urban and erotic.

A classical snowman has the following attributes: a broom, a pail on his head and a carrot instead of a nose, and lots of white snow. The place where a carrot is placed demonstrates the mood of a snowman.

Elements of city life are used for making an urban snowman. The body can be made of cardboard or auto tires.

An erotic snowman is a figure made of snow with a feminine shape that seats or lies in rather erotic poses. The architect says, people determine the sex of a snowman when it is almost ready.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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