Vatican is concerned about pedophilic priests

Vatican has recently published a press-release, in which it was informed that all the information about the facts of sexual harassment to parishioners, especially to children, on the part of the church attendants, would be considered by the Pope and his aides. At the same time, as BBC informed, the published texts did not show the readiness of the catholic church to cooperate with the police in the struggle with pedophilic priests. Journalists noticed that such problems were rather complicated, for when the police of this or that catholic country tried to investigate the criminal cases, connected with priests, the probe was usually stopped by the church authorities. The problem of sexual violence against children is not an exception.

Anyway, the fact that Vatican is concerned about that issue, is gratifying. From now on, all the church supervisors are obliged to advise about not only the facts of sexual assault against children, but also about the rumors on the subject.

The people, suspected of the sexual crimes, will have to face the church court, or even the Supreme Court in Vatican. In the meantime, the scandals around pedophilic priests are still rather concerning to the society and the justice services of Europe. Last September the French court sentenced one of the senior priests to three months of imprisonment for concealing the information about the sexual crimes, committed by one of the priests. One of the American churches in Dallas had to pay $120 million of compensation to the children, who suffered from the sexual abuse from the priests of the church. And these are a few of such examples.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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