Nasa Experts Pin Great Hopes On New Orbiting Telescope

The next generation space telescope being constructed in the USA will make it possible to explain the birth of the Universe, NASA experts believe. According to their plans, the telescope may be launched "late this decade." Rosaviakosmos experts reported on Thursday that the images sent by the US on-orbit telescope Hubble had brought "sensational data." It proved that the stellar baby boom after the Big Bang, which initiated the formation of galaxies, had a speed which was 10 times higher than was previously believed. The Hubble Telescope penetrated deep into the Universe and discovered some 5,000 galaxies. Over a hundred of them proved to be very young, their light reached Earth with a delay of billions of years and the telescope fixed the process of their birth. The new telescope which will be put into the orbit late this decade will have more powerful optical capacities. The data obtained with its help should clarify our preliminary conclusions, Rosaviakosmos experts said.

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