The importance of snot, spit and intestinal gas

A very interesting exposition is taking place in Singapore. The exposition is devoted to the shameful functions of a human organism. The exhibits were first presented and collected in Canada five years ago; the visitors will get acquainted with the body functions, which are considered to be vulgar. Reuters informed, over 70 thousand people had already seen the exhibits, the total cost of which makes up over $500 thousand, they all are housed in three halls of the city scientific center.

The kids are very happy about the exhibition, when they come to see it. They can personally feel the pimples, warts on a very big piece of rubber skin, they get into the mazes of huge nostrils and climb there. That nose produces the puffing, it sneezes and even runs. The people can get very bright impressions from smelling mouths, underarm areas, anuses of a human being – all these smells are contained in the special little bottles.

The exposition pays a lot of attention to the chemical processes of the human intestines and what comes out as a result of such reactions – the “odours,” sounds and the like, as well as vomiting and burping mechanisms. The visitors can also learn a lot from a very curious statistics. For example, they will find out that a liter of spit goes though a human mouth during a day, the nostrils inhale air by turn, the stomach acid can dissolve a razor.

The exposition is very good for children, for they can earn a lot of things there, but the adults are basically shocked. Anyway, they all leave the exhibition, having realized the importance of snot, spit and intestinal gas that is produced in their own organisms.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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