Impotence: the best an old man can get

Do you remember the plot of the movie Body of Evidence, starring Madonna, when the sexual games of her character Rebecca killed an elderly man. This situation is not fiction.

According to statistics, only one woman dies during the intimate moments vs. eight men, killed by the same circumstances. The sexologists say the percentage of the death rate during the love-making process is growing. The doctors connect this fact with the ever-growing sexual appetite of humanity and with an aspiration of modern people to characterize males not from the point of view of homo sapiens but from the point of view of sexoholics.

Men face the problem of sexual weakness after they reach a certain age. There are very few who escape this situation. They can pay a lot for a Viagra pill just to be able to do it for one night.

“Is it worth it?” – was the question from Elizabeth Ross, an American cardiologist. She added that all patients with heart diseases must be warned about the danger of their superactivity. Sex can turn out to be one kind of such activity, besides sports and stress.

Here are some of the reasons: the respiration rate of a human being makes up 16-18 times per minute when you are being quite. But if you have orgasm, then the figure goes right up to 40 times; the arterial blood pressure raises to the level of 180/100 and so on and so forth. That is why respectable representatives of the medical science are inclined to consider impotence as good rather than evil: it is like a means of protection, taking care of the older and unhealthy male body.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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