Figure skaters are accused of raunchy dancing

The television cameramen and journalists have a big problem: how to show the figure skating in a way not to offend anyone. One of the American figure skating judges, Nancy Meyss said that the ice skating was getting more and more pornographic: “If I want someone to show their body parts in front of me, I would borrow a pornographic movie. Male skaters behave as if their are pimps.”

Nick Russell, one of the most experienced judges of the British national figure skating association acknowledged that sometimes the skaters were moving too vulgar on ice. “The pairs have a creative approach to their programs, they make up unusual poses and moves to surprise the viewers, but they do not see how it actually looks like. Some people may think it is obscene.”

The issue of the erotic ice staking came up in June of 2001. Some of the movements were considered to be raunchy. Nevertheless, Russell said that the scandal with the sexual skating before the Olympic Games would only make more people watch the competitions.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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