A four-legged chicken from Saudi Arabia

A unique mutant chicken from Saudi Arabia uses two legs to walk and four – to run.

Owners of the chicken farm in Damman carefully protect the chicken, as they understand that they may profit by it. Potential clients attack Afnan Poultry Farm in an attempt to buy the chicken. One of them offers to pay $5,500 for the 40-day bird.

Deputy Director of the farm says, he has never seen a bird with four legs. In his words, one trader from Riyad has offered to pay 25,000 rials for the bird.

But the deputy director thinks, it is necessary to wait for some time, because he thinks that more four-legged chicken will appear in the farm.

Now the farm’s owners try to contact different research centers of the world for examining of the mutant chicken.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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