A parrot was summoned to court

A parrot was summoned to court for more details of an investigated case. The proceedings were initiated by the neighbors of the parrot’s owners, who said the bird impeded their life. The neighbors of the family with whom the bird lived appealed to the court of Dusseldorf for an immediate removal of the parrot. They claimed that the talking parrot chattered and cried constantly. The screams at night awoke the neighbors, and one lady had a nervous breakdown. To verify the words of the complainants, the court asked the owners of the bird to bring the parrot to the hearings. When the Kora parrot was brought to the court, it named itself first, then started laughing and screaming loudly. When experts admitted that the high-frequency screaming penetrated the walls, the bird confirmed the statement, screaming “Yes, yes." The withdrawing jury was howled at by the parrot in a wolf’s manner. Thus, the parrot testified against itself. The deafened judge ruled against the parrot and ordered the bird to be moved to some other place. A $100 fine was imposed on the owners of the bird.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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