A guy disappeared inside a garbage truck

The Moscow police are currently investigating one of the most weird accidents. A young man called Moscow’s rescue service and said he was inside a garbage truck. The guy told the rescuers he was a student of the Russian academy of physical culture, his name was Taras Shugayev. Taras was lucky to have a cell phone with him, so he explained how he managed to get inside the garbage truck. He said he got very drunk with his friends at night, and in the morning they decided to play a joke on him and put him inside a garbage bin.

The rescuers realized the phone call was not a joke only in a day: when they phoned Taras’ mother and the anxious woman told them she had seen her son for two days already.

It also became known that the father of the guy was an inspector from the Russian Federation Clearing House. The top official listened to the tape of Taras’s phone call and recognized the sound of his son’s voice.

Like the police officers believe, the young man lost conscience, when his pals threw him into the garbage bin, due to the concentration of poisonous vapor in there.

It is actually not known, how Taras found himself in the bin. Either his friends put him there as he said, or maybe there was a fight, at the end of which Taras was lying in the bin.

The workers did not notice a man in the bin, they just hooked the bin on and threw its contents into the truck. Taras did not spend much of his time in the bin – the truck arrived soon after he was in it.

For the time being Taras has not been found either dead or alive. If he is dead, then it will be almost impossible to find his body. If he passed away, then it would happen because of the pressing and cutting machine inside the truck.

A guy, who said his name was Taras, was talking on his cell phone from inside the truck with the rescue service for 26 minutes. The phone calls stopped in several minutes. The police have not managed to find him since then.

Taras was talking on the phone with the rescuers four times in a row, as long as he had the energy for that. The investigators still hope they will find the guy, the experts said he had a chance to survive. There is a gap between the trash-cutting knife inside the truck and the garbage. But if he managed to save his life that way, he could die of the suffocation. The operators of the rescue service, to whom Taras was talking over the phone, will have to go on trial, if the worst thing happened.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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