Penis and Internet: The things in common

For the first time you do not get any pleasure. You are a bit afraid in the beginning, but it is intriguing and exciting you. When you get to meet it, see its size, power and opportunities, you study it, while it teaches you. You develop a closer friendship and it’s taking more and more of your time, until it becomes a part of your life.

When you need it most, you can’t get a connection. You have the evidence, proving, it has some contacts with other people, but this is its nature, what is more important for you – don’t pick up a virus.

Sometimes you have to take a lot of efforts to establish the connection, although it is even more irritating, when the connection is broken at the moment, when you want more.

Sometimes it can disappear for the reasons you will never know. But when you find out that its provider is not the only one in the world, you try it once more with another one, then with someone else, and so on. You finally realize that it can be different in terms of its speed and quality, until you find the one, which is very good for you.

You may communicate with in at school, in the street, in a train or in a plane, but you get the biggest satisfaction at home, at night. You may study and work, play and rest with it. You also may spend money on it, but there is an opportunity for you to earn with its help too. Now, when you are so used to it, you sometimes miss those days, when you were free, but you can not let it go anyway.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Editorial Team