Scoring a goal and kissing beneath the waist

What a controversy it was in Spain, when one of the soccer players of Sevilla club Francisco Gallardo bit his team-mate Jose Antonio Reyes’s penis, rejoicing at the scored goal! The soccer-player was accused of sadism, unhealthy tendencies, of the baneful influence on the youth.

The local federation of soccer even fined the biting player. A soccer player of the Ukrainian team Dinamo (Kiev) thanked his team-mate the same way the other day. The most curious moment of the match took place in the eyes of the thousands of fans during the game of Itera Champion of the Commonwealth Cup-2002 with the Lithuanian team Kaunas.

What happened next? Nothing, everybody was happy. The hot-blooded Spanish guy had more patience, than the Ukrainian one: he took the aim (penis) only after the fourth goal, whereas the Ukrainian ran out of control after the second goal.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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