Bisexual mice grown in America

American scientists grew the mice, which could not discern the difference between female and male mice, and they were trying to copulate with all the mice around them. The gene of those mice, which was in charge of the special organ that perceives the certain chemical compounds – the pheromones – was not performing its functions.

The scientists of Harvard University put other mice of both sexes in the cage with the mice of the new generation. As it turned out, when a common male mouse was in the cage, the aggression of the genetic mice was not raising. Moreover, they started courting and chasing about, not depending on the sex of their neighbor.

The scientists presumed that before – that the pheromones played a relevant role in the regulation of the behavior. The mechanism that perceives them is well developed in animals’ organisms. However, this tiny organ is developing in the reverse mode, when a human being grows. The majority of the scientists think that it totally loses its function in the organisms of the adult people. However, there are a lot of perfumes on the market currently, the producers of which promise to make the consumers sexually attractive for the opposite sex with the help of the pheromones.

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