Durov's Corner 90 Years Old

The famed Durov Corner, now the Moscow theatre complex called Granddad Durov's Wonderland, is turning 90. The future theatre was set up in 1912 by Vladimir Durov to popularise his methods of animal training based on Ivan Pavlov's conditioned reflexes. Since 1938 the theatre has turned into a kind of lecture-hall with dramatized performances by trained animals. In 1980 the theatre got a new building integrating into one whole its old premises, up-to-date auditorium, winter menagerie and open-air pavilions. Since 1978 the theatre has been directed by the founder's great-granddaughter, People's Artist of the USSR and Russia Natalia Durov. A new and unusual performance is being prepared for anniversary celebrations, in which spectators will see chimpanzees, horses, camels, a behemoth, dogs, crows, cats, doves and many other feathered and four-legged performers.

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