The Queen in panties

The heir of the Spanish crown, prince Felipe was forced to break the affair with model Eva Sannum, which lasted for two years. The prince had to do that after the indignation of the Spanish people about their affair reached its peak. The people of Spain did not wish the girl, who advertised underwear before, to become their Queen.

The affair between the prince and the Norwegian model, who is now 26 years old, started back in 1998. At that moment the Spaniards were already familiar with Eva's face - her photographs appeared on the front pages of the Spanish newspapers, at which she was depicted in her underwear, near a young man. All Spanish and Norwegian media were watching the development of the love affair between the prince and the model very carefully.

There were very few of those, who said that the prince could marry any girl he wanted. The vast majority was criticizing prince’s passion, saying the girl would cause irreparable damage to the Spanish royal family, if she became the Queen.

The prince announced about the split in their relationship in Palacio de la Zarzuleza, where his parents lived. He said, that they had parted without any scandals. The prince added he made such a decision not because of his duty in front of the country – the relationship between the prince and Eva took a bad turn and that was it.

However, there are many people, who doubt in the prince’s words, since there has been so much information recently in the media, saying the couple was going to get married. The journalists in particular reported that Eva Sannum was spending a lot of her time in Spain, studying the country and the language. She was reportedly ready to convert herself to a Catholic.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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