Seven-year-old Western Car Is Better Than Russian Car Made In 2002

A Western or Japanese car made seven years ago is better than an up-to-date Russian car of 2002, assert experts. As RIA Novosti was told by a manager on duty at the Audi special centre, at the present time, the seven-year car class includes the Audi A4 cars with 1.6 cubic centimeter engines. Such a car, brought to Russia from Germany, now costs not more than 9,000 dollars." "Such cars cannot be compared with the latest Russian Ladas of the 10th or 11th models - in the level of safety, or the quality of assembling, or the resources of units and sets. The used foreign cars cost by 1,500-2,000 dollars more, but even with a total of 100,000 kilometres logged such a car will give odds in quality to any Russian car which has just come off the conveyer. Add comfort to this, which is much better than in Russian cars," pointed out the manager. Unfortunately, our automobile industry is hopelessly lagging behind, and it will be hardly possible ! ! to catch up with the civilised production by artificial protectionist methods," he summed up. A spokeswoman for the Volvo company, Viktoria Pavlova, told RIA Novosti by telephone that from the ecological point of view a used foreign car is better than any Russian car. "Comparing foreign and Russian cars, supremacy of foreign cars can be found practically in everything," she said. "I know a Volvo car with a total four million kilometres logged which still serves its master. But it is not real to find a Russian car still in motion after a total of 500,000 kilometres logged." The Toyota-Bitsa sales chief, Sergei Bezborodov, said in this connection: "Of course a seven-year-old foreign car is much better than any latest Russian car even if it costs some 2,000 dollars more. This is a just price for the lack of spoilage inherent in Russian cars." Director of the Ford service centre Strogino-Auto Grigory Chumakov is convinced that the cheapness of spare parts to Russian cars can be regarded as their only supremacy. However, the relatively cheap Russian units break much m! ! ore often than their foreign colleagues, said he. The Ford cars, which have been in use for seven years, are represented in the Russian market by the Mondeo model which has the plant's guarantee for 300,000 kilometres. And I don't have to tell you what happens with a Russian car after 60-80 thousand kilometres - it simply falls to pieces, concluded Grigory Chumakov.

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