Father Frosts From All Over The World To Assemble In Moscow On New Year Night

No other event is marked by humankind with such scope as the beginning of a new turn of our planet around the Sun. New Year's Day has been officially made a day-off in 189 countries. But in the cultures of different peoples this holiday can fall on any of the 12 months of the year, and traditions of marking it vary in different parts of the world. On New Year night the Muscovites and visitors of the capital will have a chance to get acquainted and to celebrate "the main holiday of the year" in the Japanese or American fashion, in the oriental manner, and even in line with the African aborigines' customs. On December 31st the Hosts of Winter from all over the world will assemble in Moscow and celebrate New Year's Day among the inhabitants of the country of birch trees and balalaikas. Santa Claus from the USA, oriental Kor Bobo, Father Frost from the Country of the Rising Sun, and African Tumba-Yumba will visit Moscow on that day. To be sure, the holiday will not do without Russian Father Frost. The "congress" of the protagonists of the New Year events will be held in Teatralnaya Square. "It will be an unforgettable spectacle!" the officials of the Moscow directorate for preparing and holding mass activities have promised. The public merry-making will begin at 23.00 with the opening of the Throne-Room of Frost. Russian red-nosed Father Frost will be the first to greet the spectators, and then "an effective procession" of Father Frosts of the world will enter the square. Oriental Kor Bobo will be riding a camel, Santa Claus will, as usual, arrive in a sledge with reindeer, Tumba-Yumba - on a colourful sedan-chair, and Japanese Father Frost will come "modestly but tastefully" - on foot, holding a lama by the bridle. The surprises of the New Year fairy-scene will not end on that. The spectators will participate in numerous competitions, watch fairy performances and New Year concerts, and "bathe" in drops of Champagne and fireworks. The merry-making will end by 1.30 on January 1st. There will be no traffic during the merry-making.

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