Postal workers wanted to help, but made themselves look like fools. The New Year’s surprises.

This story took place in the Altay region, on this New Year eve. A letter, addressed to Father Frost, arrived at the post office. The postal attendants opened the letter and read (they knew the letter was not ever going to be delivered to the addressee anyway):

“Dear Father Frost. My name is Dima and I live in the north. We have winter here, the New Year is coming, but I can not go out in the street, because I do not have warm coat, mittens, hat and shoes. Father Frost, please send me a coat, mittens, a hat and shoes.”

Of course the people at the post were very touched. They all donated as much as they could and bought the clothes for that little boy. They did not have enough money to purchase the mittens, though and sent the gift to the boy “from Father Frost,” but without the mittens. A respond “to Father Frost” came some time after: “Thank you, Father Frost, for the gift. But I have not received the mittens, they have probably stolen them at the post office.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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