Russian horses drink vodka

A Moscow rescue team has already managed to save the symbol of the new year –a horse. The incident happened in the west of Moscow, where two young girls were riding horses to the settlement of Nemchinovka. All of a sudden, the legs of a 18-months-year old stallion gave way and the animal fell down.

RBN wrote that the girls had not been given any instructions on what to do in such occasions and they decided to call the police, which in its turn called the rescue service. The diagnosis was depressing: heavy exhaustion. The stallion was then taken to the stables and the personnel made him drink a liter of vodka. The difference between a human being and a horse was evident: a human being falls down after one liter of vodka, but the stallion got up on its legs and never fell down again.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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