A girl cut one-legged football player’s penis off

A candidate of master of sports, a player of Spartak football team of disabled people, Pavel Morozov, was brutally murdered by his pal and his drunk girlfriend for refusing to have sex with her.

Georgy Lunacharsky, the president of the international football federation of disabled people of Russia said that Pavel was a strong, well-built, sports guy: “I can not imagine how that girl managed to kill him. She probably hit him, when he was not expecting it. Pavel himself was a gentleman – he could never hit a woman. He was probably drunk too, so they just beat him up to death.”

The Morozovs family left to the countryside for a weekend. Pavel met his pal, Fedotov, in the evening, and invited him to have a home party for three people. The third person was Fedotov’s girlfriend, Olga (30). The company was drinking vodka and Olga’s interest in Pavel was growing glass by glass. Pavel was a very well-built, tall, attractive man, and Olga had her eye on him. Pavel ignored every token of her attention, showed towards him. Olga was so longing to get the feedback that she sat on his knees and put her arm around his neck. Morozov did not tolerate that and pushed her aside, having said a bad word. Olga went furious and started beating him. Fedotov heard her screaming and rushed to help her. They both floored him and began kicking Pavel with their feet. Pavel lost his consciousness, but he was still alive. Olga grabbed a kitchen knife, unzipped the fly on Pavel’s pants and chopped his penis off. Yelling and screaming, the girl put the male organ into Pavel’s mouth and stabbed him in the chest. Having killed the guy that way, Olga and her boyfriend took the body out in the street and threw it on the ground. After that they came back to the apartment to continue the booze.

Olga and Fedotov were nabbed in the morning. Fedotov lays the entire blame on Olga, claiming he was not beating Pavel, but was only trying to pull the fighting Olga and Pavel apart.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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