Abundance of vitamin A entails frequent bone fractures

Aged people, especially women are disposed to fractures: age-specific changes of the hormone background lead to a gradual strength reduction of bone tissues. This results in sad consequences as well. But, as investigations reveal, the problem is solvable after all. Reduction of daily vitamin A consumption is necessary for it.

Vitamin A, or retinol, is necessary for a regular work of retina photoreceptors. Lack of retinol in the organism entails gradual loss of sight and nyctalopia (loss of twilight sight). That is why vitamin A is a traditional component of multi-vitamin medications.

But people pay with bone fragility for good eye-sight. American doctors examined about 7 200 women at the age of 34 to 77 years and revealed, those who consumed over 3 000 milligram of vitamin A every day, had fractures 48% oftener than those who consumed the vitamin at the rates below the amount mentioned. If daily consumption of vitamin A makes up less than 1 250 milligram, the fracture probability reduces by 20% as compared with the average showing. If a woman gets a substitutive hormone therapy during her menopause, the by-effects of vitamin A will not affect her.

Scientists still fail to disclose the mechanism that connects lack of vitamin A in the organism with bone strength. But all the investigations held testify to the existence of such a connection.

Materials of Medical Bulletin were used in the article

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