Why Do People Go to Sex Shops?

It goes without saying that people want to get the maximum of pleasure from such thing as love life. Toys from a sex shop can give another kind of impression (it might not be a stronger impressions, though). Those toys are especially important for women. As a rule, men do not have a need of such toys, since the mechanism of male sexuality is a lot simpler. However, women might not be completely satisfied with a normal sexual intercourse. That is why, they use dildos sometimes. At times, women need such things in order to have a physical relaxation. For example, when a husband leaves for a long business trip, but there is no wish to cheat on him, a sex toy will be very helpful for woman’s sensuality and sex appeal.

It is an absolutely normal thing for a Western married couple to have a rubber penis at home. People have them almost in every family. Germany is the leading country in this respect: statistics says that each German married woman has two dildos in her drawer. Russia is on the bottom position of the list: only one of 90 Russian families have a rubber helper in bed. Russian people have not acquired a habit of going to sex shops. Maybe, they should go there sometimes, though.

A visit to a sex shop is not like going to get a loaf of bread to a deli round the corner. It is easy to choose a loaf of bread – only one touch is enough for that. The situation with sex goods is a lot more complicated. First of all, it is very important not to blush (to run away, to faint, etc), when you see such a wide range of toys on the shelves of a shop. Second of all, it is also important not to succumb to the supermarket syndrome: do not buy a lot of things that you will not need in your house. Anyway, let’s see, what people can buy, when they go to a sex shop.

The first thing that you notice in a shop like that is the variety of rubber penises. They can be black, white, red-hot, natural colored, transparent, glistening, double ones, and many others. There are battery-powered dildos too. Pressing a little button on makes it vibrate, which gives an impression that a partner shivers with cold. Such toys also produce the sound, which reminds the one that you hear while hoovering. All of them differ with their prices, sizes and materials. It can be a very good intimate birthday present to any girl: a transparent one will be very good to give to a naive and light-minded lady, a bossy woman will like a giant black one, a copy of a real penis will make happy a girl, who has problems with her love life. She can easily stick it to a fridge, for example, when she feels sad and depressed. The major advantage of a rubber penis is the fact that none of them make any women pregnant.

A rubber vagina has almost the same quality as a rubber penis: it will never get pregnant, and it never has periods. There are other advantages to it too: there is no need to take it out to the movies or to a restaurant, you will not have to talk to its mother, it will never spend hours in your bathroom. Needless to mention that an artificial vagina will never press your trousers or cook you eggs, but this is not really important. A real man can do that himself. If there is not enough money to afford such a wonder, you can get yourself a piece of pink plastic with a hole in the middle of it and with a black wire with a plug at its end. Men have a very good choice, when they pick out a girlfriend: black or white, blond or brunette, a virgin or a woman, and so on and so forth. The most important thing about this is as follows: no matter how many times you cheat on your girlfriend, a rubber vagina will never leave you alone, it will never slam your door and go to live to its mother.

There is also a special shelf in a sex shop. The goods on that shelf help people to experiment with their sex preferences. At first it might seem that it is a place, where you ca get rock music merchandise: there is a lot of metal and leather stuff there. However, even if you do not feel like trying that sadomaso clothes on, you might want to buy a pair of handcuffs. A lovely black spiky collar or a whip would be a very good purchase too.

Funny sex toys are good to joke on people: you can put them furtively in someone’s bag or pocket, for instance. There are lots of little things like that: s comb with a penis-shaped handle, a jumping little vagina on two legs, a penis-shaped pen, sexy magnets in the form of boobies, vagina-shaped pencil holder and the like. You can buy a packet of such things and give them away as funny souvenirs on Valentine’s Day, New Year, and so on and so forth. Will anyone be mad, when he or she finds a penis cigarette lighter in a pocket? They will just laugh out loud.

If you feel shy to go to a drug store to get a pack of condoms (a salesgirl will look at you in a suspicious way, some old lady in the line behind you might say something), you can bravely go to a sex shop for them. No one will think or say something of that kind there. A salesgirl will tell you all about them. Furthermore, you can buy a lubricant in a sex shop as well, just in case you might need it.

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