“Professor Higgins School” in the City of Irkutsk

It is traditionally supposed people of certain professions must speak absolutely correctly: teachers, journalists, interpreters etc. And they are indeed taught to speak perfectly at colleges and universities. Though, now, everyone who wishes, independently on age and profession, could learn speaking culture at a special Irkutsk school.

Correct breath, good articulation, literate presentation of ideas – that are three components of beautiful speaking. Complicated tongue-twisters should be pronounced without mistakes, at the same time the pupil could be asked to skip or to spin hula-hoop. Both children and adults make these exercises.

The programme of the school is intended first of all for adults. The skills they get at the school could be used both in their profession and in every-day life. “We take care of the purity of speaking, of the fates of our pupils who work with people, we teach them to correctly and effectively express their thoughts,” – Boris Derkach, chairman of Irkutsk section of Theatre Workers’ Union says. According to teacher Natalia Davydova, skills received at the school turn her pupils not only into a good company, but also into healthy and natural persons. Correct breath technique prolongs human life, while playing method of teaching liberates people. According to scientists, it is not as easy for adults to learn, as for children. Though the teachers of speaking culture are not frightened with it. They intend to be more severe with adult pupils in asking their home task, than with children.

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