Russia's Supreme Court to Recognise Several Organisations as Terrorist

On Friday, the Russian Supreme Court will study the issue of recognising a number of organisations as terrorist.

The case will be heard by the civil college of the Supreme Court. Materials of the case, which deal with 15 organisations, were provided by the Prosecutor-General's Office.

Earlier, Russia's Federal Security Service provided the Prosecutor-General's Office with information about organisations that can actually undermine the security of the Russian Federation, and asked that they be recognised as terrorist organisations.

The black list contains a number of Chechnya-based organisations, including Basayev's Supreme Military Majlisul Shura of the United Forces of Caucasian Mujaheddins and the Congress of Peoples of Ichkeria and Dagestan, headed by Basayev and Udugov. Other organisations mentioned include Taliban, Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda, Moslem Brothers, and Pakistani organisations /Lashkar e Taiba/.

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