Taking Candid Voyeur Shots: Funny or Exciting?

Is there any man to say that he has never spied on girls in his life? Of course, every man would say that he had such an experience, at least in his childhood. Furthermore, sometimes it is impossible to take your eyes off a pretty girl, if a blow of wind lifts her skirt in a street. Summer time is really a very good season for cities and towns. Women and girls wear really sexy outfits in public places - short skirts and tight tops. Most likely, they know that there are young and not very young men walking around those public places as well. Those men are called voyeurists. The most exciting thing for such men is to take an upskirt peek and to see what is hidden there underneath.

As a matter of fact, they do not find anything extra special there (if they don’t run across a she-male, of course). More importantly, those men do their best to film such moments on video tape, or to take pictures of them, at least. Voyeurists have their own philosophy. Here is what a young man had to say (he wished to remain anonymous).

“It is an open secret that men like to look at pretty girls, at their nice legs, bums and breasts. This is a male instinct, and there is no way around that. At times, some men have a strong wish to take a pencil and to draw a beautiful girl that they saw walking along a street, or taking a nap in a metro train. Sometimes men want to draw the beauty that was exposed to their eyes incidentally.

“When I take my candid shots, I do not have a goal to find out, if a girl wears something underneath her skirt or not. Men like me they want to take a peek underneath a girl’s skirt in order to see as much as possible of her legs, stomach, bum, or pubis. In other words, we want to see the things that give fever to all straight men. I consider myself a normal straight man, that is why I go out every day gripping a camera in my hand. I would like to say something to girls too. Please, do not be offended with my doings. If a man takes such a candid picture, he will never photograph a girl’s face. Speaking about me, I always get rid of any numbers that might get into my pictures – buses, houses, metro stations, and so on and so forth. I never bother any girls, I never drag them to dark places, pulling their skirts up - none of those things. Everything I do is about taking candid pictures of real life. I only photograph what I can see.”

Voyeurists are rather inventive in their passion. They can take a camera and put it in a bag with a little hole for the object glass. They can get into a canalization hatch and film girls from below. A camera is definitely a good thing for such purposes, although it is not really reliable. As a rule, cameras produce clicking sounds, flashlights can ruin everything quickly too. If a girl realizes, what that freak in the canalization wants, there will surely be a big public scandal. That is why, voyeurists have been using digital video cameras lately. There is no noise, zooming opportunities are perfect. The only thing that a girl might think of in this case is like this: “Oh, there is another crazy guy filming me. Ok, at least he is not approaching me.” This guy films everything he wants, so he just knocks it off and leaves, looking for other pretty girls to film. One can only guess, what happens, when a guy watches those videos of his. Voyeurists say that they love the beauty of a woman’s body. However, it seems that it is about time they should get a girlfriend.

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