Dead Woman Goes To Trial To Prove She is Alive

A dead female citizen from the Ukrainian town of Ternopol, Galina Kucher, had to go to trial in order to legally prove that she is actually not dead. One day the woman left her home to travel. A couple of months later the town’s police officers found a body of an unknown woman on the railway track. The officers did not find any documents with her, so they started the investigation in order to find out, who of female residents was absent from the town for a long period of time. As a result, officers came to conclusion that it was the dead body of the woman named Galina Kucher. The deceased woman was buried. The living Galina Kucher came back to her town a month later. To her great surprise, she found out that she was listed as a dead person. Furthermore, the woman was deprived of her registration to live in her house. Galina had to go to court and to prove it to there that she is alive and kicking.

Another funny incident took place in the Russian city of Pskov. A man was celebrating his major military rank. According to the Russian military tradition, he put a major star in his glass of vodka. The man was so overwhelmed with such a big event in his life that he swallowed the star while he was drinking his vodka. His pals hurried to take the officer to a hospital. Luckily, everything was over without surgery. The major star was carefully taken out of the man’s gullet.

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