Italian Prime Minister Says Parliament Needs No Chairs

Are you also dissatisfied with the fact that long meetings cause damage to productivity and effectiveness of work at your enterprise? Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says there is a simple solution to this problem. He spoke out at a national conference of managers of enterprises and suggested his new method.

Italian newspaper La Stampa reports, when Berlusconi run business of his own, this method proved very much effective in his company. Berlusconi says: “I did away with the problem of long conferences and meetings: I removed all chairs from the assembly hall, so that all people had to stand. At that, production conferences’ duration reduced from three hours to 20-30 minutes. All people were happy with that fact, which consequently entailed productiveness increase.”

And the Italian prime minister gave one more advice to those who treated the suggested method skeptically. He said that when people had stand at production conferences, their leg muscles became stronger. What is more, wives were happy that their husbands were getting stronger and became better lovers.

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