Six Ways to Make a Woman Love You, Even if You Are Guilty

Women have always been complaining of men being inattentive, indifferent, arrogant, and emotionally impotent. Unfortunately, they are right. As soon as a man wins a girl, he always puts on airs. Men are always supposed to remember the following thing: women love with their ears. It is not hard to say something pleasant to a girl – this will give you so many advantages, just think about it.

Try to experiment in your school or at your work. Find a woman, then try to find an advantage about her: beautiful eyes, wonderful smile, slim figure, nice voice, good mind, gorgeous hair, and the like. Remind her of that every day in a decent gentleman’s manner. In three or four days you will have a new friend, and a new lover, maybe. Here are some good pieces of advice.

Situation 1. She (your friend, wife, lover, whatever) cries: “I can not stand your arrogance and self-conceit any longer!” The right way for you to go: “I have always been a very modest and even a shy guy, but when I was lucky to meet you and to win your love, I surely became presumptuous. Everyone envies me, what’s wrong about it?” The wrong way for you to go: “Shut up, you bitch. I am fed up with your complaints, I’d better go out and have a beer or something.” You can also say: “I am sorry, baby. I have been working hard, that is why I am so inattentive to you.” Your actions: Just hug your girl and wipe her tears with a tissue.

Situation 2. She got you, when you were hugging, and probably, kissing another girl. The right way for you to go: “Darling, can you imagine that? Jane’s father died today!” The wrong way: “Goddamn you! Why do you keep bugging me all the time?” You can also say: “Oh my God, I am so sorry. I am like my father and I cant’ help it. I wish my dick fell off!” Your actions: Step aside from another girl as if she hit you with a shock. Look into your girlfriend’s face with great repentance. Be as miserable as you can, you can even fall down on your knees in front of her.

Situation 3. Your girlfriend decided that she put on weight, so she is very upset about it. The right way for you to go: “Just forget about it, darling. This is nonsense, you just try to find faults with yourself. You are perfect now and stay like this always. I would not like you to be standard and usual.” The wrong way: “Stop your whining for Christ’s sake, everyone becomes as fat as a pig in your age. You shouldn’t have eaten that much, just look how big your ass is!” You can also say: “A little bit fatter than before? Now, that’s not true. You have become more feminine, don’t you ever say things like that. Don’t try to become slim or something, I love looking at you. Your actions: Look at her. Try to put an expression of delight and admiration upon your face. Then hold her tight and pinch her butty.

Situation 4. You have just told her that you did not want to marry her. Needless to mention that she is very upset. As a matter of fact, this is a very bad mistake to make, men should never say such a thing to a woman, if a man wants to stay with that woman, of course. It would be better to tell her that you are not going to marry any woman at all. The right way for you to go: “Please, darling, try to understand, these are not simple things, I am very serious about marriage. This is a very responsible step for a man to make. I think that a man is supposed to get married only once in his lifetime. I like you, but are you sure that I am the only one, who is going to make you happy? I think that you should get to know me better, and then we will think about it. Wrong way: “Are you crazy? You want me to become a relative of your crazy family?! I would never ever do that.” You can also say: “I will not be able to marry you until I am 100% sure that I am the man, who will make you happy. Let’s wait a while, for such questions can not be solved in a minute. This is not like having a shot of vodka, you know. Your actions: Put her little hand in yours and stroke it in a very gentle way, as if you are holding a very rare diamond. Then kiss her little finger.

Situation 5. She found out some way that you do not want to date her any longer. The right way for you to go: “I have been watching you lately, and I do not see happiness in your eyes. I agree with you that you deserve a better guy, a richer, a smarter man. I do not want you to suffer and I do not want to suffer myself either. Wrong way: “It’s time to split up, baby. I am tired of you the same way like I was tired of Spice Girls. I love Rolling Stones, so there!” You can also say: “I am guilty of all that, there is no one to blame. I’ve been down lately, but I do not want you to be down. I am sorry.” Your actions: Pretend that you are about to cry, look down. Don’t you ever laugh.

Situation 6. She found your wonderful collection of XXX videos and porn magazines. The right way for you to go: “I can not be forgiven. I forgot to warn you that my friend Nick asked me to keep that. I should have warned you about it.” Wrong way: “Ok, so you got my porn now. Ok, look through the mags and watch some videos. Maybe, they will teach you something. You can also say: “Let’s burn that all to hell!” Your actions: Just gaze at the floor with a dumb expression on your face. Do not break the silence. You deserve a punishment, so get ready for it.

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