Adopt a Firefly

Italian authorities launched another campaign against street prostitution. One of the measures suggested in the network of the campaign is very unusual. Italian families are offered to adopt prostitutes so that to clean streets of the country off girls serving the most ancient profession.

Members of the municipal council in Padova say that adoption will be the first step toward opening a new life to little prostitutes and an effective measure that will bring them back to the society.

The campaign launched by the Italian authorities is called “Adopt a Firefly”. Firefly, this is a slang Italian word for a prostitute. A member of the Padova municipal council says: “Certainly this action is just a drop in the bucket, but it is very important for those girls who want to turn over a new leaf. It is also very important that governmental and municipal authorities must give support to those families that will adopt prostitutes.”

The initiators of the project won support of two law enforcement organizations; activists from these organizations help Italian families with moral preparation for adoption of new family members. At present, about 70 thousand prostitutes sell love in the streets of Italian cities. Majority of these “fireflies” came to Italy from countries of Eastern Europe and Africa. Over 40% of them are underaged.

It’s actually a very unusual method for solution of such a serious problem as prostitution. But now, when the campaign is launched, it’s actually very important not to make Italian families adopt as many little prostitutes as possible, but it’s more important to guarantee that girls will be actually happy in new families and will be able to turn over a new leaf.

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